Soros pours record $50 million into 2020 election

Democratic candidates benefiting from Soros’s cash have railed against the influence of money in politics. By Joe Schoffstall, Washington Free Beacon Liberal billionaire George Soros has flooded Democratic PACs and campaigns with $50 million this election cycle, shattering his personal record by tens of millions with four months to go before the elections. Soros ramped […]

She smacked him, good on her.

Q. What’s the most classic example of Aussie humor? answered by Michael Griffiths (Lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) There’s a train travelling through the mountains and in one carriage there sits an old lady, a beautiful young blonde backpacker, a New Zealand guy and an Aussie guy. The train goes through a dark tunnel and […]

I have Life

Q. What’s the most insane thing a human has survived? answered by Joseph Troika An amazing woman from my country South Africa by the name of Alison Botha who showed spectacular courage and a sheer will to live through one of the most horrific attacks to have ever taken place. Alison Botha was stabbed and […]

More Projects for Your Raspberry Pi 4

by Andrew Heinzman It’s been a year since the super-powered Raspberry Pi 4 officially landed on store shelves. And whether you have a Pi 4 hidden in a drawer or stuffed in your Amazon Wish List, you’re in serious need of some project inspiration. Here are 18 killer projects for the Pi 4. In July […]

License to Dominate.

By now, you’re probably aware that many U.S. lawmakers think Big Tech has a stranglehold on certain digital industries and therefore should be regulated or broken up.  But what if I told you there was a world in which the government didn’t actually discourage monopolies. A world where the government approved of, even supported, one […]

Who is Israel?

Who is Israel and why you would want to be a part of Israel Written by Schalk_and_Elsa You may have noticed that we are always referring to Israel and saying that we are a part of Israel. You may have wondered where we got this notion from? It is of fundamental importance to know and […]

Oorwin versoeking.

Wees waaksaam en bid sodat julle nie in die versoeking kom nie. ’n Mens se gees is wel gewillig, maar jou liggaam hou nie altyd by nie.” Matteus 26:41 NLV Hoekom het Jesus vir sy dissipels gesê: ‘Wees waaksaam en bid. Anders sal die versoeking vir julle te sterk word. ‘n Mens se gees is […]

We Have Good Intel – the Smaller Chip the Better

Intel Falls, AMD Soars on News of 7nm Chip Tech Delay by Neal Freyman Three nanometers. A distance so small you can barely fathom it, but one that may determine the future of the chip industry.  Yesterday, Intel’s stock slid more than 16% after it said it would delay the rollout of its 7-nanometer chip […]