Streaming Trivia.

In honor of Peacock’s launch, here’s a quiz on the streaming wars. We’ll give you a TV show, you have to determine the streaming platform it calls home. If you get a seven or more you watch too much TV.

Example: Stranger Things = Netflix

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  2. Most Dangerous Game
  3. Parks and Recreation (after October)
  4. The Simpsons
  5. South Park
  6. Ramy
  7. See
  8. The Twilight Zone

source : Morning Brew


  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender—Netflix
  2. Most Dangerous Game—Quibi
  3. Parks and Recreation—Peacock
  4. The Simpsons—Disney+
  5. South Park—HBO Max
  6. Ramy—Hulu
  7. See—Apple TV+
  8. The Twilight Zone—CBS All Access

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