the Gunslinger walk.

Q. Why doesn’t Vladimir Putin swing his right arm when he walks?

answered by Dima Vorobiev (Former Propaganda Executive at Russia)

President Putin’s idiosyncratic way of walking, with his right arm almost immovable, and excessive torso swaying to compensate for this, has long puzzled everyone.

Loyalists launched the “Gunslinger walk” theory. According to them, someone in KGB taught Putin to hold his right hand close to his hip to be ready to deploy his sidearm any moment.

This theory, however, fails to explain why bodyguards of Putin—or of the previous Russian and Soviet rulers—do not walk the same way. It also defies common sense on two other points. First, a good spy never walks the way that broadcasts “I carry a sidearm” as he moves along. Second, according to official history, Putin never served in the army, and never was trained to be a bodyguard.

Detractors quip that Putin hurt his arm carrying around heavy briefcases full of money belonging to his patron in St Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. After losing his mayorship in Petersburg, Sobchak narrowly escaped being arrested for corruption. Putin organized his swift and effective exfiltration to France.

Some suggest that Putin contracted polio when little, or was born with some condition that impacted the right side of his body. However, no one has confirmed so far that Putin had a gunslinger’s gait in school.

Which leaves as most probable some injury to his back later in life that made some arm motions painful or uncomfortable for him. His restless legs and awkward poses when he’s sitting, as well as his habit of constantly shifting in the chair may also be indicative of that.

source : Quora

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