England Keeps Calm and Drinks On

by Neal Freyman

You might think reopening bars after more than three months and urging folks to not go bananas is a bit unrealistic, but England tried it anyway. 

Dubbed “Super Saturday,” the government lifted restrictions on bars (and several other businesses) for the first time since late March. It’s a long-awaited moment for England’s 37,500 pubs, which furloughed 90% of their workers through a government relief program, the country’s Beer and Pub Association calculated.

Still, considering we are in a global pandemic, this will be a different bar experience:

  • People won’t be able to congregate at the actual “bar,” so table service will be the norm.
  • You’ll have to register with your info upon entering in case you need to be contacted later about a virus outbreak. 
  • Background music will be quieter so that patrons don’t have to shout to talk to one another (please make this one permanent.)
  • This is interesting: The wearing of face masks—by staff or by patrons—is optional. 

Bottom line: “Let’s not blow this,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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