Who needs a pet who thinks they’re better than me.

Q. Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs?

answered by Josh Wexler (M.S. Earth Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Graduated 2013)

I didn’t used to think so. I’m 41, always been a dog person. Despised cats. Never wanted cats. I looked at cats with loathing. Who needs a pet who thinks they’re better than me and couldn’t care less to give me the time of day. Give me a dog any day, who worships the ground I walk on, and wouldn’t survive a week without me.

Then about 7 years ago I got conned by my wife and child into getting a kitten(Please focus on the actual story and not my joking use of being conned). My child was 2 and almost impossible to say no to. Especially when the scene looked like this…

So, the cat came home. I never wanted it. I wanted him to run away. I didn’t like him and wasn’t shy about it. Over those years, as the kid grew, then another one grew, and I had even more dependents the dogs dependence became a bit more annoying. I still took care of them and all that, but between life and kids they became harder and harder.

The cat however, never changed. Never needed me. Never needed anything, but food in the bowl. I still didn’t like him. He’s a cat, we didn’t need each other.

Then this kind of stuff started happening with me.

In spite of how mean and detached i was to this cat, he wouldn’t leave me alone. I swore for years it was because he knew I didn’t like him that he kept bugging me, just to be, you know, a cat. Pure evil.

Well, fast forward to now, and this cat is obsessed with me…And i gotta say, I’m feeling the same way. Somehow, some way, after 8 years of wearing me down, he won. The cat most definitely chose me. Every night now, when i got to bed, within a minute or two, he hops up and crawls on to my chest and lays down and starts purring. Against all that is me, over 40 years, I’ve become a cat person. At least this cat. Because this cat, become incredibly bonded to me, in spite of how hard I tried not to let it.

Update: Good lord, the response has been overwhelming, 2300 upvotes and I think I wrote this yesterday. Thank you everyone who’s commented, upvoted and shared my story. I’m really glad to have struck such a chord with this post.

Edit 2: that is my son in the photo. Many, most people have been calling him my daughter…just wanted to correct that. He was 2–3ish in those photos, about to turn 8 now. Still loves his cat and the feeling is mutual. He’s either in my son’s bed at night or my chest:)

source : Quora

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