Bipolar Disorder: Treatments and Medications | Spirituality

Bipolar Disorder: Treatments and Medications The brain is one of the most important parts of the body. Without it, you will be unable to live. The brain controls every part of a human’s body…

Source: Bipolar Disorder: Treatments and Medications | Spirituality

One thought on “Bipolar Disorder: Treatments and Medications | Spirituality

  1. I doubt medical science. And I have about 45 years of case history to substantiate that.

    For 35 years and seen by at least as many doctors, including physicians, a top oncologist and, at my request, three teams of psychiatrists and a psychologist, they wanted to treat me for things I didn’t have.

    My very clear case of PTSD was recognized by a Congolese doctor around 2009. I knew and he knew. But he died of diabetes, and only I knew. Until now.

    Now, you know. But not because of anyone’s science.

    So, in walks a foreign radiologist, we become friends and within two days, he suggests I see my Dr as he says my physique tells him I’m diabetic.

    Then there’s cranberry juice and I end up at ER. A medical crisis brought on by a blood glucose count of a whopping 24.

    Finally, I get diagnosed and treated. All the spooky symptoms fade away.

    I get several strokes and I wont say too much, other than that a few young doctors should be careful what they say or do next. I have a medical case file to tear apart in High Court and there will be hell to pay. The autocratic hospital superintendent was really stupid enough to trust my folder as a complete, immaculate record. Kept by a bloody young fool that asks me a questions, then speaks over me. Two of my last four strokes aren’t even known by them. That is exact science for you.

    I am furious because of the EGO’s of some of my doctors, some that didn’t even know where adenoids sit. Yes, that’s the honest truth. Imagine the mistake had she to remove my appendix…..little mistakes can be disastrous.

    Perhaps, if people want to be seen as professionals, they might want to learn to be just that before hanging a stethoscope around the neck.

    I had some great doctors, some for whom I have nothing short of hero worship. But, then again…….

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