This would be true… if the penguins were radioactive.

Q. What are some of the best “wrong” answers that you’ve seen as a teacher?

answered by Joel Reid (Secondary Teacher)

I had a 12 year old student who was quite bright, but one day I had to laugh at her answer.

The question was “Why do penguins huddle together in cold weather?”

Now, she was indeed bright, and she actually got the rest of the assessment correct, but for some reason she could not do this final question. Despite this, she gave it a go. Here is my summary of the page long answer she gave.

“Penguins huddle because of the equation E=mc^2, where E = energy, M=mass, and c= not sure. As you increase the number of penguins then the total mass increases and thus as you increase mass in the equation then Energy increases. Because there is an increase in energy then there is also an increase in heat, thus warming the penguins.”

This is actually an amazing answer for a 12 year old student as it shows an understanding of direct proportionality, mathematics, and she was also giving it a go despite not immediately knowing the answer… it is unfortunately incorrect.

My marked response was such:

“This would be true… if the penguins were radioactive.”

source : Quora

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