The whole thing creeped me out.

Q. Have you ever found an undisclosed secret room in a house you rented or bought? What treasures did it contain?

answered by Lee Anthony (University of Sydney master of publishing)

I once rented a house that was built behind another street-front house. We had to access it by using the front neighbour’s driveway (and he made it abundantly clear on move-in day that it was HIS driveway).

The neighbour told us he had built the second house after he and his wife separated, so she could live there. He didn’t want to sell his house as part of the property settlement, so he subdivided the land instead and gave her the house at the rear. Since then, the wife had remarried and moved overseas and decided to lease the property via a real estate agency.

While there, we often noticed lights on in our front garden that we hadn’t turned on. We searched and searched and could not find a switch that operated them. They were definitely not solar-powered lights.

After about six months, the absentee owner switched to a new real estate office and someone from the new one came over to look around the house and do a new rental appraisal. She asked me for the key to the cellar.

What cellar?

There was a cellar under the house that was never listed in our lease agreement. We found out later that the front neighbour had the key and had been going in there at night (doing goodness knows what). He was the one who’d been turning on the garden lights from the switch inside the cellar.

One of the reasons we never realised it was there is that cellars and basements are very uncommon in most parts of Australia; it just never occurred to us that we might have one. Apparently it went under the full length of the house and goodness knows if the neighbour could see into the house from down there.

The whole thing creeped me out.

Thankfully, the new realtor decided she could get triple the weekly rent I’d been paying. I had no problem refusing a new lease and moving on quickly.

source : Quora

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