Mom and daughter overachieve with sidewalk chalk drawings.

Mother-Daughter Duo Turns Their Sidewalk Into an Amazing Gallery of 3D Chalk Art

By Margherita Cole

In Fort Worth, Texas, there’s a mother-daughter duo painting the streets with incredible, three-dimensional drawings. Professional artist Jan Riggins specializes in animal portraits in a variety of media, including watercolor and oil. Recently, Riggins has taken her talents outdoors in a series of colorful chalk art that she makes alongside her talented 13-year-old daughter, Olivia. The creative pair use their hands and enviable skills to render realistic animals, such as frogs and orcas, as well as mind-boggling illusions of soap bubbles and candy wrappers.

To produce their stunning chalk art, Jan Riggins first draws the initial sketch and fills it with a black base. Then, she and Olivia add layers of color in tandem. The duo spends hours refining their work until they are pleased with the results. And, since chalk washes away with the rain, Jan and Olivia make sure to post the finished products online so fans can peruse their vast portfolio of street art before they’re gone.

You can see more amazing chalk art from Jan and Olivia Riggins on their Instagram pages.

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