Since the idea of trying to predate on a bear is a suicide call.

Q. Why don’t predators eat hibernating bears?

answered by Serge Elia – In love with animals since childhood

Like the two others have said:

Just because bears perform their annual hibernation doesn’t mean they’ll sleep unabated for the entire winter, because nothing prevents them from waking up in the blink of an eye when they hear noises or when they pick up the scent of an approaching animal. Besides, it has been established that bears are not true hibernators – while they do slow down their heart rates and survive on their fat reserves when snow kicks in, nevertheless they don’t genuinely sleep non-stop in their dens during the winter months, unlike true hibernators like bats, hedgehogs and reptiles.

So, hikers, beware: a hibernating bear can wake up at any time, especially when it’s under disturbance, or when it’s been awaken by an unwelcome noise. As such, hibernating bears don’t find themselves at all vulnerable to predation, particularly since the idea of trying to predate on a bear is a suicide call, even for a strong pack of wolves or a well-built cougar.

All bears are dangerous animals that have no predators to fear from. But the real danger comes when the awaken bear is actually a mother that has just given birth – let’s not forget, Mama Bear is very protective of her cubs, and will not hesitate to attack any threat to her offspring, regardless of what that threat is.

source : Quora

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