“Where’s my baby?”

Q. What moment in your life was so shocking that you didn’t even believe that it was happening?

answered by Jenny March Worked at Loyola University Chicago (2002–2019)

Forty six years ago when I was 24 I had my first child. Right after I delivered my son the doctor immediately had me put to sleep by putting gas over my nose. When I woke up, the nurse was standing next to me and talking about how beautiful my hair was and other things but not mentioning anything about the baby and I looked at her and said “Where’s my baby?”

The doctor walked over and told me and I quote, “Your son was born a mongoloid. He is severely retarded. I suggest you don’t see him. It will ruin your life. You can have other children”. Shocked I asked for my husband as they pushed me into a private room in the maternity ward. We both were heartbroken and had to tell our parents which was so difficult. Our happiest moment just turned into a total disaster. Needless to say we were In shock and we’re being told what to do.

I asked for the Catholic priest to see me and he said to me, “Sometimes God makes mistakes. ” I was almost immediately taken home with my son left in the nursery. We were so young and so traumatized but in our hearts we knew we had to bring our son home. We knew he needed his parents and we needed our son. After learning more about Down Syndrome we brought Peter home. I immediately started finding resources to help me and he became a part of the first Zero to Three Childhood Stimulation Program and hired a speech therapist to help me teach him how to talk right out of the gate.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road but Peter is an amazing young man who reads and writes and is an integral part of our family. We had a daughter shortly afterwards and they grew up together in a very normal household. He’s just like every other American kid – plays sports and loves playing video games online and has had girlfriends. He even went to prom! He is also a very talented artist and loves to copy Van Gogh’s paintings.

I can’t believe the wonderful response to our story. I genuinely felt bad referring our story as horrible but at the time, the reactions of the doctor and priest were truly horrible. I know that children born with Down Syndrome today are treated much differently and I am so happy they are given every opportunity to succeed. I was blessed with an amazing little boy who soaked up information like a sponge and learned easily.. I’m so glad we didnt’ follow the advice of the “PROFESSIONALS” of 45 year ago and instead followed our hearts. Thank you all for your love and support. Jenny

source : Quora

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