But, what the dealership did to this sweet old lady made my blood boil.

Q. What is the most deceitful thing you have ever seen a business do to a customer?

answered by Bill Arnold Works at U.S. Department of Defense (1990–present)

An elderly neighbor lived with her son in her house. Son lived his own life, never bothering to talk to or look out for moms welfare, except when he would demand and take large sums of money from his mother. She never said a word.

We found out when we drove past her beautiful practically brand new car sitting at the local dealership, with a sale sign on the windshield.

And we watched her driving a little piece of junk one morning.

After asking, she shared, she had wanted her car serviced at the dealership, and they made a big deal over her car, and offered her a deal.

They would buy her car from her and sell her another car, which is exactly what took place.

But, what the dealership did to this sweet old lady made my blood boil.

Using base KBlueBook, she was paid $10,000 less than the car was worth, and charged $12,000 above the price that the car they sold her was worth. She was out, over $20,000.

Thats how we found out her son had no interactions with his mom.

I made a few calls, and state Elder Abuse opened an investigation that moved quickly because of the ladies age.

Not only did the dealership end up reimbursing all monies but also provided her a decent car to drive.

The state also removed son from her home, and set up home care for the lady. Lady lived well till she passed.

source : Quora

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