The guy was flabbergasted when my buddy walked into the deposition room.

Q. What are some things private investigators won’t tell you, but that would amaze most people?

answered by Christopher Telles, change provocateur

That a PI’s there to watch you.

I had a buddy who went to a PI school. He then worked as a PI for several years and did a lot of field work.

The majority of his work was for corporations either doing background investigations for new hires or investigating disability claims.

He used to tell me about some of his cases, one in particular stands out. He was investigating a disability claim for the VP of a publicly traded corporation. This case called for him to do surveillance by waiting outside the subjects home and following him around where ever he went.

The subject was suing the company while also out on disability. The company had hired two other PI firms before my buddy was hired and they had failed to produce any credible evidence the company could use to fight the VP’s lawsuit.

When my buddy did his background check on the subject he found the subject was a big time golfer. So after following him around for weeks with no real success he devised a plan to be invited into his house.

The subject was claiming through the lawsuit and his disability claim that he became disabled permanently from an accident he experienced while on the road away from the office while doing a field inspection. He claimed his back was injured and it impacted his mobility. Apparently it was a multi million dollar claim because of his salary level.

My buddy decided to have a fake golf club give-away printed that essentially said the recipient was entitled to a free set of custom fitted clubs being introduced by a brand new to golf. It continued on to say the recipient was receiving the gift of golf clubs because they were a selected member of the private golf course where they had a membership. The announcement went on to say that all the recipient needed to do was call the phone number on the card, and a golf expert would come out to take the measurements for the free custom set of clubs at recipients home. There was also a disclaimer that said the recipient would be given the custom golf clubs in exchange for being profiled as a private membership golf club member who golfed with and endorsed the new brand of clubs.

About two weeks after he mailed the offer out the guy called the phone number and left a message that he was calling about the free golf clubs. My buddy called him back and was invited over to his house to take the measurements for the free clubs. He took a new set of unbranded clubs with him and began to fake a measurement of the clubs to the guy. While he was in his house the guys attorney called and he excused himself for about ten minutes and walked into an adjacent room. My buddy overheard the entire planning session for an upcoming deposition and made notes on the pad he was using to take the measurements.

After finishing the measurement my buddy asked the guy if it would be alright if he took some pictures of him swinging the clubs. The guy agreed and took several full swings outside in his patio with several clubs. Of course the camera my buddy was using was set to automatic so he had a frame by frame action of this guy taking full swings with a golf club with his supposedly bad back.

He shook the guys hand told him the “office” would call him when his clubs were ready to be delivered to his golf course pro shop and then left.

The guy was flabbergasted when my buddy walked into the deposition room.

source : Quora

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