4K Video Downloader

Software product recommendation 4K Video Downloader software converts content into video and audio files. By copy and pasting links into the software, users can obtain desired downloads to their devices. These files can be customized and optimized to the selected mediums for the downloads, resolution quality & format for the video to include – 4K […]

Use Vimium to Browse with the Keyboard in Chrome and Firefox

by Ian Paul The mouse is a great invention, but don’t sell the keyboard short—even for web browsing. Thanks to a very effective browser add-on called Vimium, you can browse the web without ever touching your mouse. Picture this: you’re lying on the couch with your laptop propped on your legs, so you’re stuck with […]

Speak “in good taste”

Colossians 4:6 NKJV John Grisham, author of blockbuster books that become blockbuster movies, has been called “a straight arrow making his way along a very crooked path.” His novels often depict sleazy lawyers, corrupt politicians, and trigger-happy cops – the underbelly of a world of wealth and respectability. His heroes, on the other hand, are […]

Since the idea of trying to predate on a bear is a suicide call.

Q. Why don’t predators eat hibernating bears? answered by Serge Elia – In love with animals since childhood Like the two others have said: Just because bears perform their annual hibernation doesn’t mean they’ll sleep unabated for the entire winter, because nothing prevents them from waking up in the blink of an eye when they […]

Auschwitz renovations uncover prisoners’ hidden tools.

Prisoners’ Hidden Tools Discovered Underneath Chimney During Auschwitz Renovations In Block 17 at Auschwitz’s “Main Camp” in southern Poland, a collection of objects hidden by prisoners has been uncovered beneath a chimney flue. Whilst carrying out renovation work to turn the former Nazi concentration camp block into an upcoming Austrian exhibition, members of Austria’s National […]

God will forgive and restore you

Isaiah 42:3 NKJV Have you ever heard of the Great Boston Molasses Flood? On January 15, 1919, a steel vat containing 2.3 million gallons of molten molasses burst. A 30-foot-tall wave of hot syrup drowned people and horses, destroyed buildings, and crushed freight cars, wagons, and automobiles. The enormous tank, 50 feet tall and 240 […]

..though that statistic might be from WWII.

Q. Which soldier had the shortest life-expectancy? answered by Christopher Van Erp To the best of my knowledge, one of the shortest life expectancies of a soldier was that of the WWI German Flamethrower soldiers. A two man team, once the fire got going, every soldier in eyeshot knew exactly where they were, what with […]