Mapped: The World’s Ultra-Rich, by Country

By Dorothy Neufeld Mapped: The World’s Ultra-Rich, by Country The global number of ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) — those with over $30 million in assets — has continued to rise over the years. Today’s infographic draws data from Knight Frank’s 2020 Wealth Report released in March, and it shows which countries have the highest number […]

British bakers reintroduce World War II bread

As we know today, darker bread is better for you,” said baker Bryce Evans. By Alasdair Lane GLASGOW — As British politicians invoke memories of World War II’s “Blitz Spirit” during the coronavirus lockdown, and many are quietly channeling the stoic resolve their elders showed in the face of enormous hardship, some in the nation’s […]

Solar Battery Review

Background Home battery systems combined with rooftop solar have being touted as an energy revolution, a game changer, or simply as a way for people who are sick of paying high electricity prices to lower their bills. In Australia there is a great incentive to store solar energy as the solar feed-in tariff has been […]