These 30 drawings will make you feel guilty about society.

This Polish Artist Creates Eye-Opening Illustrations That Perfectly Capture Everything That’s Wrong With Today’s Society (30 Pics)

Pawel Kuczynski is a 43-year-old artist from creates meaningful and eye-opening illustrations that perfectly capture everything that’s wrong with our society. In his illustrations, the artist discusses topics like corruption, pollution, and social media addiction, disguising everything in clever metaphors. We featured some of Pawel’s illustrations before, and now he’s back with a fresh batch of new ones.

The artist started creating the illustrations back in 2014 after a friend encouraged him to enter a cartoon competition. Nowadays his satirical illustrations are recognized all over the world and have been rewarded with over a hundred prizes and distinctions. In an interview with Bored Panda, Pawel said his inspiration comes not only from his peers and colleagues, but also from old masters like Caravaggio. Critics describe the artist as a surrealist but Pawel has a slightly different opinion, calling himself a “realistic illustrator… of our surreal times.”

“I think these are not only my observations,” says the artist. “I’m able to notice them as illustrations—to show them in a universal language, in the picture language, which is understandable to the whole world.” Pawel notices people’s reactions to his drawings and that they very often say that he illustrates their feelings. The artist says that through his satirical illustrations, he wants to encourage people to think more about their own problems.

Check out Pawel’s eye-opening illustrations in the gallery below!

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