No weapon formed against me shall prosper.


Q. What’s the most intellectual thing your dog has ever done?

answered by Sandra Allen, Co-Author of Bad Things Can’t Stop the Best Things!: The Story of a Hero at Freelance Writers

This is Isaiah. He was my service dog for almost 12 years. Totally changed my life.

Isaiah went everywhere with me and would not leave my side until this day. I was seeing a new doctor whose waiting room was tiny. A family came in pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair. He was unresponsive to anything, staring straight ahead blankly, hands in his lap, totally still like a statue.

Isaiah was watching him. His son and daughter-in-law pushed him into this tiny waiting room and had no choice but to put him in the center of 6 chairs. His family and I started talking Dog. The elderly man was a Vietnam vet, who used to be a…

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