Breathtaking winners of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Nearly 850 landscape photographers from around the world submitted their best work to the 2019 International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. The expert panel of judges, which includes last year’s winner, narrowed a field of 3,400 images to select the best portfolio and single photograph. In the end, it was Russian photographer Oleg Ershov who took home the top prize for his incredible range of landscape photography from England and Iceland.

Ershov beat Chinese photographer Yang Guang, who had an impressive showing with his collection of images from the Badain Jaran Desert. The best single image was awarded to French photographer Magali Chesnel for her aerial photo of the salt marshes in Grussain, France. Several special awards were also handed out for the best single photos that excelled in the following categories: Snow and Ice, Abstract Aerial, Wildlife in Nature, Lone Tree, and Heavenly Cloud.

All of the winners, as well as the top 101 finalists, show just how diverse landscape photography can be. Brandon Yoshizawa’s photograph of the SpaceX rocket’s smoke plume hovering over mountains demonstrates man’s impact on the environment, while Peter Adam Hoszang’s stunning photograph of Oman’s Sharqiya Sands Desert at night highlights the quiet power of nature untouched.

The top three winners for best portfolio and single image divided a cash prize of $10,000, while the special category winners each received a one meter framed print. All of the top 101 finalists will have their work featured in the annual International Landscape Photographer of the Year book, which is produced by Momento Pro.

Here are the incredible winners of the 2019 International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest.

Plume of Smoke from SpaceX Rocket
SpaceX rocket exhaust plume, Sierra Nevada, California, USA by Brandon Yoshizawa (United States), The Heavenly Cloud Award 2019.


Tree in Eastern Sierra California
Eastern Sierra, California, USA by Carlos Cuervo (United States), Top 100, The International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019.

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