Marciano said simply, “Not many.”

Q. How long would a good fighter normal person, last in a ring against a really good pro boxer?

B. R. Bearden, former Field Supervisor US Census Bureau (retired) (2000-2019)

In 1969 two young muggers saw an elderly, well dressed man alone in the back seat of a cab, stopped at a light. They got into the back seat from both sides, demanding money. The man was 74 years old but he quickly punched each of them a single time, knocking them out. The old gent was former heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey.

Boxing Monthly researched the story as there have been variations of it and found it to be true, with both a newspaper source and a quote from Dempsey himself describing the incident.

Of course they weren’t in a ring and Dempsey wasn’t an active boxer. Had that been the case, they might have suffered serious injury.

A really good pro boxer should be able to beat any street fighter in the world in a ring with boxing rules.

Around 1960 Rocky Marciano hosted a TV show where he’d talk to a guest, then they’d watch a fight film with Rocky narrating. On one show the guest said something like, “The heavyweight champion of the world should be able to beat anyone in the world, but I bet there are a lot of guys who could beat you.”

Marciano said simply, “Not many.”

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