“the baby’s sleeping.”

Q. Have you ever put a “sleeping baby” or “quiet please sign” on your home’s front door or nursery door?

answered by Kathie Salter, Mother, pet owner and baker.

Nope. An old lady gave me a valuable tip right before my first was born, and thank goodness I had the sense to heed said advice. She said to never keep the house quiet for my baby’s nap. The baby needed to get used to sleeping through normal household noise and quiet conversation, because otherwise I was dooming myself to 3 hours of absolute silence every afternoon for years—and what about when the second came along, she asked.

I purchased a small AM radio (this was 1976) and tuned in a local station and placed it far across the room on the back corner of a table, playing softly—white noise before it became a thing! This left me free to watch TV, talk on the phone or visit with a friend while folding the laundry, emptying the dishwasher and putting away the clean dishes, plan dinner and various other activities while baby slept, without my having to tiptoe around or whisper because “the baby’s sleeping.”

source : Quora

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