Cruise Passengers Evacuated, Health Officials Biting Nails

Diamond Princess cruise ship
David Mareuil/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

What’s a relief for some is a nightmare for public health officials: Thousands of passengers on coronavirus-stricken cruise ships are returning home to more than 40 countries.

The Diamond Princess ship had 355 confirmed cases of coronavirus—the biggest cluster outside of China. As cases rose, the U.S. decided to evacuate the hundreds of Americans aboard on two chartered flights that left Tokyo Monday.

That’s one cruise ship—the other is the Westerdam, which docked in Cambodia last Friday after being turned away by other countries. An American woman who was on the Westerdam has tested positive for coronavirus, but she was allowed to fly from Cambodia to Malaysia without being quarantined.

  • The NYT quoted an infectious disease specialist who said, “We anticipated glitches, but I have to tell you I didn’t anticipate one of this magnitude.”

Zoom out: If you were tasked with designing the perfect setting for a virus to spread, you’d design a cruise ship. Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean warned their full-year earnings would take a hit from the outbreak.

Source : Morning Brew

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