How Big is TESLA?

Brew readers are rightly flabbergasted by Tesla stock’s recent performance. Two of them, Mike W. and his friend Wynn, even shared with us a trivia game they started playing.

How it works: We’ll give you a company, you have to say whether its market value is greater than or less than Tesla’s $159.9 billion (as of market close yesterday).

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Ford + GM + Honda
  3. Nike
  4. Goldman Sachs + Morgan Stanley
  5. 30 Macy’s

Keep scrolling for the answer.

Source : Morning Brew




McDonald’s: $161.6B, greater than
Ford + GM + Honda: $36.5B + $49.1B + $47.2B = $132.8B, less than
Nike: $126B, less than
Goldman Sachs + Morgan Stanley: $85.7B + $87.4B = $173.1B, greater than
30 Macy’s: $5.1B x 30 = $152.7B, less than


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