Ryzen 4000: Will Your Next Gaming Laptop Be AMD Instead of Intel?

by Ian Paul

An AMD-branded laptop on a purple background with a Borderlands 3 promtional image on the laptop screen.

AMD is making strides against Intel on the desktop with its Ryzen 3000 line of desktop processors. Now, the company is aiming its sights on ultrathin and high-performance laptops with new Ryzen 4000 mobile APUs (CPUs with an integrated GPU).

AMD Is Pushing Into Intel-Controlled Territory

Laptops are a firmly Intel-dominated PC segment despite attempts by AMD, Qualcomm, and others to unseat it. AMD realistically won’t overtake Intel anytime soon, but the company is releasing APUs that perform as high or higher than what Intel has to offer.

Similar to what’s happening on the desktop, AMD’s new processors threaten to chip away at the popularity of Intel. During 2020, around 100 laptops sporting new Ryzen 4000 mobile APUs are headed our way with quite a few hitting this spring. AMD wants to make six- and eight-core processors with multi-threading the norm on laptops. That would be a noticeable boost in performance compared to what you can get now.

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3 thoughts on “Ryzen 4000: Will Your Next Gaming Laptop Be AMD Instead of Intel?

  1. I recall a time when I was the only AMD reseller out there. I can’t even recall the name of the then CPU. Something with a II (2) in it. I loved the APU idea from day I as I saw too many AMD graphics chips burn up in MacBook Pro’s.

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  2. I vaguely recall those AMD CPUs to have done asynchronous processing, basically decoding the x86 CISC code, turn it into RISC, process it and re-assemble on the output side. It may sound very complex but the strategy was simple and sound. I also vaguely recall them go have been copper based and running fairly hot.

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