My Mother stole from my Grandmother.

Q. What’s the most dishonest thing you’ve witnessed a family member do? answered by Shannon Morris, studied Sociology & Psychology at Henderson State University My Mother stole from my Grandmother who was raising all three of her children. We were 5, 4 and 1 year old when my Mother decided she didn’t want us. My […]

Boeing Episode IV: A New Hope

Boeing Starts Testing of New Jumbo Jet, the 777X Neal Freyman Ain’t she a beaut? Boeing’s newest plane model, the 777X, successfully completed its maiden voyage on Saturday. It lifted off at 10:09am PT, hung out in the air long enough for pilots to qualify for pretzels (about four hours), and touched down to a […]

What Is Smishing?

What Is Smishing, and How Do You Protect Yourself? by Chris Hoffman You’re probably familiar with email-based phishing, where a scammer emails you and tries to extract sensitive information like your credit card details or social security number. “Smishing” is SMS-based phishing—scam text messages designed to trick you. What Is Smishing? By now, almost everyone […]

Bad Day to Be a Tesla Hater

Tesla Tops $100 Billion Market Value, Short Squeeze Ensues Kinsey Grant The electric car company became the first publicly listed U.S. automaker to cross $100 billion in market value, eclipsing the combined values of other homegrown heroes Ford and GM. How Tesla doubled its share price in three months: 1) It reported a surprise Q3 […]

How to Handle Trolls

What Is an Internet Troll? (and How to Handle Trolls) by Vann Vicente Internet trolls are people who want to provoke and upset others online for their own amusement. Here’s how to spot the signs that someone is a troll, and how to handle them. What Are Internet Trolls? If you’ve been on the internet […]

He wasn’t fond of middle aged women.

Q. What was the hardest goodbye you’ve ever had to say to a pet? answered by Scott Lanz, Armed Security Officer (1983-present) I rescued a pit fighter and I’ve never been the same since. Flash Gordon left us September 2015. He was a three time loser at adoption, he hated cats because he had been […]

Establishing healthy boundaries

Q. What is something a narcissist won’t see coming? answered by Julie Warren, Passive aggressive narcissistic mother and husband I think there are three essential things that a narcissist won’t see coming but that can help you so incredibly. Whether they’re narcissistic or just selfish or passive aggressive, it applies equally I’d say. 1. No […]