There were no more complaints about the kicking kid.

Q. What was the most unique solution you saw someone use to cope with a brat kicking their seats on an airplane?

answered by Len Landers, former Project Leader at United Space Alliance (1998-2008)

I really thought this guy was going to get into trouble about this but he didn’t. He was sitting in my row in the window seat and had repeatedly reported the kid sitting behind him kicking his seat back but no amount of harsh words from the stewardess to the adult woman sitting in the middle seat next to the unruly kid had any effect on making the woman control the kid. The man asked for a different seat but the plane (Southwest) was full and all seats occupied. The guy stood and went back to the row behind the unruly kid and asked a passenger sitting in the middle seat if the man would temporarily let him sit there until he could remedy a problem he was having with a kid constantly kicking his seat back. The passengers in the near rows were all aware of my complaints so the accommodating passenger willing complied. The irritated passenger sat in the middle seat behind the adult woman and immediately began kicking the seat back of the uncooperative female adult sitting next to the kid and she immediately pushed the call button and it seemed a while before the stewardess responded to her call. In a loud screaming voice she blasted the stewardess and the guy doing the kicking and the stewardess just smiled at her and walked away. The guy who had loaned his seat laughed loudly and uttered something unprintable which made the woman madder. Then other adult passengers began calling her insulting names and she shut up. The man sitting behind her continued kicking her seat back and pulling down on the top of it. I had expected her to argue and make an ugly scene but she just slunk down into her seat and tried to hide as she received her treatment. The guy doing the kicking leaned over and asked her if she was enjoying her ride and of being made a fool of but she didn’t respond. More passengers laughed. He asked if she was going to control her kid the rest of the flight and she screamed out that she would. The man thanked the passenger who had loaned the middle seat and the man resumed his window seat. There were no more complaints about the kicking kid.

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