There will be a girl who is perfect for you, you should ask her out!

Q. Does true love exist?

answered by Elena Ledoux, Founder at MommyGO (2017-present)

Last month we’ve been having dinner with friends – a married couple. Been married for a while.

At some point during the evening, the husband starts telling us a story. When he was in college, he used to frequent a small taco shop. One day he noticed a really young beautiful girl at the counter. He could not stop looking at her, and finally mustered a courage to come and talk to her. “Wh.. what… is your name?” The girl looked up and suddenly got flustered, she left and got her co-worker who explained that the girl just immigrated from Peru and was really shy about her English. She was also serious and not interested in flirting. He wanted to apologize but didn’t see her in the shop anymore that day, or ever again. She vanished into thin air.

Many years later, he was hanging out with his friends and a good friend of his asked him to come to a birthday party. “There will be a girl who is perfect for you, you should ask her out!” He wasn’t interested in dating at the time, but he went to be a good sport. The girl he was supposed to ask out wasn’t enthusiastic about him either. But she was seated next to him and she also brought a friend who sat across the table. When he looked up, she looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where they’ve met. He had asked if she was from LA. She smiled brightly and answered she was from Peru. He had asked if she worked at a restaurant. She responded that she was going to school, but when she first immigrated, she worked very briefly at this tiny taco shop.

They spent the rest of the evening talking to each other. And when he came back home, he called his parents and said he has met a woman who he is going to marry. They are very happy together and have a beautiful son.


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