I just wrote him a ticket and sent him on his way

Q. Police officers, what is the fastest speeding ticket you ever gave out?

answered by Rick Ross, Law Enforcement Officer (2003-present)

I was sitting in a crossover about 12 years ago and a motorcycle came through at 139 mph. I pulled out, then thought to myself , what the hell am I doing? I can’t catch that. But, being already out of the crossover, I laid the hammer down and caught sight of him just west of the next exit. I finally caught up with him and he pulled right over. He tossed his keys to me as I was walking up, and then turned around and put his hands behind his back. I asked him what he was doing, and he said “ I know I’m going to jail. I was doing a buck forty when I passed you. That’s why I slowed down to 105 to see if you were gonna come after me.” I just wrote him a ticket and sent him on his way. It was 45 minutes before my shift ended, and if I would have arrested him, I would have been over two hours late. Back in those days, we didn’t get overtime pay, just comp leave ( which expired in a year), so I didn’t feel the need to accrue more leave that I would never use. He seemed surprised, but grateful. I hope this answers your question.


Peter Donnelly – I was in a marked unit, a ten year old Crown Vic EB on TX 170 when a yellow Ferrari passed me in the left lane at high speed. I lit him up and gave chase, thinking fat chance I have of catching this guy and was thinking of calling it off when my speedometer hit 100. But the guy pulled over and knew he was going to get an expensive ticket. I let him off with a warning and told him he had been caught by a ten year old Ford. He could have gotten away, but the Crown Vic was just getting warmed up. Those old boats weren’t your grandma’s car; they had engines with an electronic chip that gave them warp speed. Take the chip, suspension and tires away, and voila, you had granny’s old sedan.

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