The Infatuation’s Favorite New Dishes Of 2019

By Team Infatuation

Over the past year, we’ve eaten thousands of meals, and now the part of our brains that used to be responsible for things like dry cleaning and groceries is filled with thoughts about pasta, prawns, and premium bologna sandwiches. Finding the Best New Restaurants Of 2019 is what’s kept us busy all day – but it’s the dishes that have kept us up at night. Specifically, a very select group of dishes, which we discovered in ten cities from LA to London. Here are the 20 best things we ate in new restaurants in 2019.

Our favorite new dishes of  2019, from LA to London

Tandoori Momos from The Momo World in Chicago

Tandoori Momos
Sandy Noto

The tandoori momos from The Momo World are an enigma wrapped in a dream wrapped in a spicy dumpling wrapper. Slightly soft from being steamed, a little crispy from being fried, and slightly charred from being grilled, a bite of one will put you in a contemplative trance. And once you have that experience, you won’t just remember how it tastes – you’ll remember how it makes you feel.

Square Pizza from Circles + Squares in Philadelphia

Square Pizza

Circles + Squares may have only opened this year, but their square, Detroit-style pan pie is without a doubt the greatest pizza in Philadelphia. Each one is baked by the guy who owns the place, and you’ll see him drizzling oil and sprinkling cheese behind the counter every time you’re here. The thick, fluffy dough is topped with not-too-sweet tomato sauce, and cheese that creates a crispy, caramelized crust on the outside of every slice. You can choose to get toppings (if you do, pepperoni is the way to go), but our pick is to order it in its purest form – with nothing but layers of cheese and tomato sauce.


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