The best inventions of 2019.

21st Century Fashion

Bee & Kin Tech Handbags

Bee and Kin Tech Handbags

Designer Tracey Hummel decided that, no matter how stylish, purses should do more than just hold your stuff. “I want to create beautiful bags that do a little bit of work for you,” Hummel says. Her luxury handbag line of sleek, smart purses (which start at $495) comes equipped with a set of interior LED lights that discreetly illuminate their interiors, and a Bluetooth-­enabled button that can be programmed via an app to perform tasks like calling an Uber; sharing your location with a friend; or starting a playlist with a simple click, double click or hold. Future editions might include even more life-­smoothing features. “Anything that feels like an added convenience to have in your bag, that’s what we’re looking to integrate,” says Hummel. —Megan McCluskey

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