Digital Gold: Crypto, Libra, and the Future of Blockchain

No matter how many times you’ve unsuccessfully explained bitcoin to your friends, you probably don’t even *really* know yourself. And then you pretend to be distracted by your phone when they ask how blockchain technology works.

Let’s fix that.

This week on Morning Brew’s weekly podcast, Business Casual, we’re breaking down everything crypto—from bitcoin’s ride up to $20,000 to Facebook’s misadventures in “reinventing money and transforming the global economy.”

Because while crypto memes are big, crypto’s influence on the worldwide financial system could be bigger.

Is bitcoin really the favored currency of the black market, and if so, does that matter?
Can Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook deliver on their promise of a new digital currency with Libra, and if so, can we trust it?

Is “blockchain tech” overhyped, and if so, why do we still fall for the headlines?
For all the answers, Business Casual spoke with Arianna Simpson of Autonomous Partners, an investment fund focused on crypto and digital assets.

Listen now (press play) . .

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