About the Journey

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I have learned a lot about mental illness through first hand experience. I started writing this blog when I was experiencing the worst depression of my life and kind of just settled on the fact that my life was not going to get any better. I accepted a disorder as…

The best inventions of 2019.

21st Century Fashion Bee & Kin Tech Handbags Designer Tracey Hummel decided that, no matter how stylish, purses should do more than just hold your stuff. “I want to create beautiful bags that do a little bit of work for you,” Hummel says. Her luxury handbag line of sleek, smart purses (which start at $495) […]

Deal: Get Extra PC Protection with a Malwarebytes Subscription (Now on Sale)

by PAIGE SMITH All of the huge malware outbreaks these days are using zero-day flaws in your browser to install ransomware to take over your PC, and Malwarebytes provides excellent protection against this with its unique anti-exploit system. Malwarebytes is a perfect complement to traditional antivirus apps (like Windows Defender, which is actually pretty solid). […]

What to Do Before (and After) Your Phone Is Stolen

by ANDREW HEINZMAN Millions of phones are stolen every year, and there’s a chance yours could be one of them. But it doesn’t have to be—you can make your phone theftproof! We’ll show you how, and what you should do if your phone is stolen. Enable Remote Tracking Remote tracking (called “Find My Device” on […]

Digital Gold: Crypto, Libra, and the Future of Blockchain

No matter how many times you’ve unsuccessfully explained bitcoin to your friends, you probably don’t even *really* know yourself. And then you pretend to be distracted by your phone when they ask how blockchain technology works. Let’s fix that. This week on Morning Brew’s weekly podcast, Business Casual, we’re breaking down everything crypto—from bitcoin’s ride […]

Historic Museum Heist in Germany

by Neal Freyman Around 5am local time yesterday, at least two burglars broke into Dresden’s Green Vault, home to some of Europe’s greatest treasures, and made off with at least three sets of “priceless” 18th century jewelry. “It’s as if someone broke into the Louvre and had taken the Mona Lisa,” a jewelry historian told […]

Fill in the blank(s)

Fill in the missing word to complete the full organization name. NASA: National ________ and Space Administration IBM: International Business ________ 3M: Minnesota ______ and Manufacturing GEICO: ________ Employees Insurance Company FIAT: Fabbrica ______ Automobili Torino