Turn Your Raspberry Pi Zero into a Game Boy


Retroflag raspberry pi Game Boy case

There’s no shortage of ways that you can play games from classic consoles such as the Game Boy, but few methods offer as authentic of an experience as this $69.99 enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Sold by Retroflag, the GPi Case resembles an old school Game Boy and lets you use a Raspberry Pi Zero to play Game Boy games in a form factor that should feel comparable to playing on Nintendo’s original 1989 handheld.

This isn’t the first time someone has used a Raspberry Pi to play classic video games or to replicate the experience of certain handheld consoles. However, the Retroflag GPi Case is noteworthy for how easy it makes the process: there’s nothing to solder and you don’t need to own a 3D printer.

Instead, the GPi Case comes with a small cartridge akin to that of a Game Boy game. This cartridge holds your Raspberry Pi Zero and then you slide that package into the GPi Case to begin your session—after loading your Raspberry Pi Zero with ROMs and an emulator, of course. . .

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