Keep Your Pi 4 Cool and Dust Free


The Pi 4 Model B outside without a case

Don’t run your Pi 4 without a case. That’s just criminal. Here are some great cases that can keep your Pi 4 cool and dust-free in any situation.

What to Look for in a Pi 4 Case
Raspberry Pis can be used to accomplish just about anything. Need a smart mirror? You can build one with a Pi. Want a powerful media center? Set it up on a Raspberry Pi.

But all this flexibility can make it hard to find a good Raspberry Pi case. Some cases are meant for everyday applications, but others are made specifically for smarthome setups, entertainment centers, or intensive applications (which can generate a lot of heat).

So before shopping for a Pi case, you should stop and think of what you need. Here are some of the features that you might need in a Pi 4 case:

Heat Dissipation: If you plan to use your Pi 4 for intensive actives or extended periods, then you should probably get a nice, cool case. Aluminum cases with fans and heat-sinks are the coolest option, but most people can get away with the bare minimum, like a case with one fan or decent ventilation.

GPIO/Module Access: All of the Pi cases listed in this article provide easy access to the GPIO and module pins, but some give a bit of extra wiggle room for cables. If you want to use accessories like camera modules or with your Pi, then try to find a case with extra cable room.

Assembly: Most Raspberry Pi cases are really easy to assemble. But some cheap cases are made from stacked pieces of acrylic (like a case that’s been sliced into bologna), and they’re really a pain to assemble. If you don’t feel like dealing with that extra work, then shell out for a more expensive case.

Labeling: Clear or unlabeled cases can make it harder to locate the Pi 4’s ports. If you want a case that won’t confuse your family or roommates, then try to find one that’s opaque and labeled.
Alright, now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start shopping for your new Raspberry Pi 4 case.

Before we get starts, it’s worth mentioning that the Pi 4 Model B is still a relatively new product. We’ll cover a lot of different cases in this article, but some popular case styles, like retro game console cases, aren’t manufactured for the Pi 4 just yet.

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