GNOME Foundation is Being Sued

GNOME Foundation is Being Sued Because of Shotwell Photo Manager

By Abhishek Prakash

The GNOME Foundation is facing a lawsuit from Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC. Rothschild allege that Shotwell, a free and open source personal photo manager infringes its patent.

Neil McGovern, Executive Director for the GNOME Foundation says “We have retained legal counsel and intend to vigorously defend against this baseless suit. Due to the ongoing litigation, we unfortunately cannot make any further comments at this time.”

While Neil cannot make any further comments on this issue, let me throw some lights on this matter.

The patent in the question deals with wireless image distribution. The patent is ridiculous because it could mean any software that transfers images from one device to another could be violating this patent.

And that’s what this lawsuit is about. If you read the lawsuit, you’ll see why Neil called it baseless: . .

view original article . .

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