11 Of the strangest place names in South Africa

How many of these places have you been to – and are they as strange as their names suggest?

by Luke Daniel

11 Of the strangest place names in South Africa

South Africa is a peculiar country, put on the global map through a series of erroneous misadventures. A nation saturated with so many cultures and languages is bound to dish up some peculiar town names.

The beautiful simplicity of both African locals and European settlers is reflected in the naming of towns across the country. Geographical nuances determine most names, but so do calamities, hardships and victories.

The defining factor behind all discoveries is that of adventure – the innate need to explore and learn.

Luckily, South Africans couple a keen sense of humour with inquisitive nature, leading to some uniquely unusual names of towns and places.

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Photo: Panoramio Jan JP van der Merwe
Hakskeenpan near Klein Mier, Photo: Luke Daniel
Photo via Sleeping-OUT News & Events
Die Hel, Swatrberg Pass / Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Tietiesbaai, Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Crooks corner. Photo: flickr Bernard Du Pont


Darling station. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “11 Of the strangest place names in South Africa

  1. Been to The Hell before. Cousins owned 7/11th of it, later donated it to nature conservation, when the brother of a friend went to live there. An old childhood friend’s mother was raised in The Hell. Dried figs from there is divine. Another friend’s dad was a doctor who flew into that crevice to take patients to Cape Town hospitals. And we drank from the clear mountain streams.


    1. Thank you for commenting De Wet Ferreira.. kindly note that this is a reblogged article and it is highly likely that author Luke will never read your comment. Cannot remember if a comments section was provided for. Regards! BTW I will visit your site.


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