Eat Healthier at the Airport with These Tips.


A couple eating salads at the airport.

Every traveler knows that feeling of being stuck at the airport. Your flight’s delayed, you’re irritated, bored, hungry (or worse, hangry), and totally out of your element. Here’s how to eat healthy so you won’t feel even worse.

Traveling is stressful, no matter how excited you are about your destination. Even the most experienced travelers dread the thought of lost luggage, missed flights, long delays, and every other possible complication.

When you’re stressed, your body remains in constant fight-or-flight mode. If you add processed, low-nutrient food on top of that, it can aggravate inflammation and cause digestion issues, uncomfortable bloating, and increase stomach acid.

It’s hard to diminish the stress of traveling, but if you make better choices in the food department, it can make your airport experience a lot more pleasant.

Here’s how to fit in some healthy eats, so you’re not stuck on a plane with a stomachache after a Cinnabon bender.

Pack Your Own Food
If you can, take your own food with you to the airport. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting—no hidden sugars or processed fats will trick you. And you can satisfy your hunger and the crazy travel cravings that tend to accompany anxiety. You can’t bring liquids, though. No matter how much you love your protein shake, it’ll end up in the trash if you try to take it through a TSA security screening.

You can either cook something at home or get take out from your favorite restaurant. Pack it in a container and seal it well. Don’t bother packing utensils . .

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