Cypress Cottage.

Our Story BEGINS IN 1796 . .

Cypress Cottage guesthouse is a majestic, unique, small family run bed and breakfast in the centre of Swellendam, South Africa. It has longed enjoyed a storied past in this historically rich town in the countryside.

Cypress Cottage is steeped in history and originated in the Dutch East India Company (VOC) era. It was build in 1796 in the Dutch tradition with lovely gables, the latter unfortunately destroyed in the fire on 1840. At that stage the owners renovated the house in the Victorian style. Remnants of the Cape Dutch era still remains in lovely Yellowwood ceilings and doors of the main house. According to the legend the house was used by the local town sheriff, hence the horse stables at the back of the manor house, leading out to Church Square. Much later it became a guesthouse and for some time, it has been a desired destination for travellers and businessmen who appreciated the beauty and comfort of old historical architecture.

A new chapter began in 2007 with the arrival of the Van Leeuwen family who with them brought an exciting and worldly outlook on how to treasure this beautiful establishment and the town it is in. Cypress Cottage guesthouse is a place of comfort, character and of families (a home).

The main house remains the centrepiece of the Cypress Cottage guesthouse with 2 en-suite rooms in the main house and if you walk through to the back there are 4 en-suite rooms situated in the stables, 1 of which is a large family unit.

We recently got a new addition to our family called Daniel a young golden Labrador puppy. He is only the sweetest dog with the biggest heart and loves people and hugs.

Cypress Cottage invites anyone who want a place to call home-away from home.

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