Technically Gone: That Ad-Filled Solitaire Game

W ‘n B: extract from article on “All the Useless Windows 10 Features Microsoft Should Remove”


Remember when Microsoft removed the beloved Solitaire game from Windows and replaced it with a new Solitaire game full of 30-second video ads and a subscription fee to disable them?

I would wish that Microsoft would remove the Microsoft Solitaire Collection from Windows, but it kind of has. It’s now an optional download from the Store, helping Microsoft avoid criticism about shipping a built-in card game with a subscription.

The price has even gone up over time! At launch, Microsoft charged $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year. Now, Microsoft charges $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. Really, Microsoft?

Microsoft Minesweeper has a separate subscription, too. And, as the app so helpfully notes, paying for a Solitaire subscription won’t grant you a Premium subscription in the Microsoft Solitaire apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Gross.

I still wish Microsoft would replace Solitaire with a more classic experience that isn’t full of ads and subscriptions. Does every little part of Windows need aggressive monetization?

For now, we host our own ad-free solitaire and minesweeper games on the web. How-To Geek isn’t a $1 trillion company like Microsoft is, but somehow we can afford to give them away for free. Enjoy!

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