You Need This Kinda Luv Triangle


Dating isn’t something I have much faith in, as it tends to break and not build people. It is almost guaranteed to steal one’s worthiness and dignity. I never dated a girl unless I could picture, right from the start, growing old together.

I think God saw my heart and blessed me with my angel. Now, in August 2019, it is 33 years since we met and 32 very blessed years since we married.

She is just so much more worthy than any of my some thirteen “candidates” who never made it to the polls. The election was over before a blink of the eye. Things tend to happen fast when God is on a mission.

Our first child’s birth was announced by means of my first vision, well before I had met my wife. Re-read the previous sentence with attention.

So, on a good Saturday, my prime candidate and…

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