DisplayPort 2: What’s Different, and Why It Matters


A man holding a DisplayPort and a DisplayPort Mini cable.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) just announced the newest iteration of DisplayPort technology: DisplayPort 2. This new standard will support resolutions up to 16K and use either traditional DisplayPort connectors or USB-C. Expect to get your hands on it in late 2020.

What Is DisplayPort?
DisplayPort is the video transfer standard that most people have never heard of. At a basic level, it’s nearly identical to HDMI. The current iteration of DisplayPort can transfer 60hz 8K video and audio to TVs and monitors (HDMI 2.1 supports 10K). It comes in a large and mini form factor (like Mini HDMI). And, like HDMI cables, DisplayPort cables are really cheap.

So, why do people use DisplayPort at all? Well, for one, it’s useful for multiple monitor setups. Unlike HDMI, . .

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