Every experience with my granddaughter is unforgettable.

Q. What is an experience you had with your grandchildren you’ll never forget?

answered by : Heidi Gray, studied at Baldwin Wallace University

Every experience with my granddaughter is unforgettable and here is why:

My daughter, unknowingly, married a horrible man. He was both verbally and mentally abusive to my daughter and was mentally abusive to their tiny child.

I observed this early on when my granddaughter was just an infant. Her father would roll her around on the bed as if she was a throw pillow or toy and just laugh. Later, when she was about 4 months old, he would blow pot smoke in her face to get her high. He would scream as loud as he could in order to make her cry and them laugh and point and tell his friends what a big baby she was. She was 1 1/2 years old when he started doing this.

He did not work. He would lay in bed all day while my granddaughter wandered around the house as a toddler. My daughter was the sole support of the family. She had no idea that her life would be so miserable because he was one of those charming, narcissist, sociopathic type who trapped her.

He would often deny me visits with my granddaughter for, any random reason, that made him mad, and it was pure torture. I worried about that little girl every day of my life until now.

My daughter escaped this animal almost two years ago. He is now in prison. She has since remarried a wonderful young man who is in process of adopting my granddaughter.

This is why I say that every moment with her was precious, because I never knew what kind of abuse she was enduring when I wasn’t there.

Recently, I visited her in Hawaii ,which is where her stepfather was stationed. We had the most wonderful three weeks together. We grew very close because of how her life was. I made every chance we had together fun and special for her. I thank God everyday that what she endured happened at such a young age that she does not remember much nor does she speak of her real father.

She is a child who is full of life and very social and friendly. She is struggling a bit to adjust to the fact that she cannot see Grandma everyday. I am adjusting as well but there is always FaceTime.

She is the opposite of her father . She is sensitive and kind to all of her friends. She will stand up for them and come to their aid anytime she thinks someone is being mean to them. I find that ironic and I am grateful.

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