I just wanted to thank you.

Q. What is the best case of “You just picked a fight with the wrong person” that you’ve witnessed? answered by : Frederick Morris, former Instructor at LATTC – Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (1988-2019) I didn’t witness this myself, but a fellow teacher told me a story about one of his students. We teach at […]

Rocket Stoves Design & DIY

The fundamentals of Rocket Stoves W’nB DIY: My First Rocket Stove Build Works very well and is economical with the thin pieces of wood used as fuel. Minimal smoke and the heat generated is virtually immediate and the cooking process gets underway much faster than a conventional electric stove plate or an old iron stove […]

DisplayPort 2: What’s Different, and Why It Matters

by ANDREW HEINZMAN The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) just announced the newest iteration of DisplayPort technology: DisplayPort 2. This new standard will support resolutions up to 16K and use either traditional DisplayPort connectors or USB-C. Expect to get your hands on it in late 2020. What Is DisplayPort? DisplayPort is the video transfer standard […]

‘n Kaalvoet-gedig!

‘n Kaalvoet-gedig! Sommer kaalvoet plas dit oor my hart waar skoonheid groei en bot sonder smart waar aanstellerigheid sonder opsmuk nie kan woon en God’s asemlose grootheid in genade troon waar mens weer stil sal raak en vrede in jóu siel kom waak waar gogga-klein jou oog gewaar as jy in ontdekking na hom staar […]

Every experience with my granddaughter is unforgettable.

Q. What is an experience you had with your grandchildren you’ll never forget? answered by : Heidi Gray, studied at Baldwin Wallace University Every experience with my granddaughter is unforgettable and here is why: My daughter, unknowingly, married a horrible man. He was both verbally and mentally abusive to my daughter and was mentally abusive […]

That Big Rig You’re Passing Might Be Full of Bees

by Andrew P. Collins There are still cowboys driving livestock across America in 2019. While most of us are snoozing, they’re rolling up to dark fields with trucks full of creatures that are critical to our nation’s agriculture: thousands and thousands of bees. “Very few people know that this happens, and it happens as a […]

Why Do Phones Explode? (And How to Prevent It)

by ANDREW HEINZMAN  Every few years, exploding phones find a way to dominate the news cycle. And while these accidents are incredibly rare, they’re a bit difficult to understand. Why do phones explode? And how do I know that my phone won’t explode? Thermal Runaway Causes Phone Explosions Whenever a Li-ion battery explodes or catches […]