Blu G9 Quick Review.

Blu G9 Quick Review: An Affordable Phone with Features Above Its Price


Blu G9

Available today, budget handset maker Blu’s new G9 smartphone is a $180 device with features and hardware that excel what its price point might suggest. This phone offers a lot of bang for users on a budget.

Here’s What We Like
Excellent price-to-performance ratio
Aesthetics that appear higher than its price suggests
Good camera for the cost

And What We Don’t
Disappointing display
Slightly sluggish processor, especially under load

As much as we all love to focus on the highest-end devices on the scene, the budget market might be even worthier of our attention. If you’re looking to get a handset on a budget, then the odds are you want that phone to be the best you can get at the price in which you’re shopping. And in this market, it’s hard not to look at Blu’s handsets.

First, A Little Bit About Blu
Before we get into the details of the device, let’s take a quick second to talk about Blu’s slightly muddy history. The company has been around for nearly a decade and focuses on budget smartphones. It had a history of . .

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