What is the most selfless act you’ve ever witnessed?

answered by Suzy Saulnier, Pre-School Teacher

The most selfless act I have ever witnessed was done by a 5 year old at a McDonalds. The eating area was a “train” and the little girl sat down with her Mom and her brothers to eat her happy meal. At that time they were giving out minature Barbie dolls, and the little girl received one. After consuming her meal the little girl happily played with her Barbie. A woman came into the McDonalds with her two children. It was obvious from the carefully mended clothing they were wearing that were very poor. The mother purchased a single small soda. The family sat down in a booth next to the booth where the little girl’s family sat. The mother wistfully watched her children share the soda and wished she could buy one for each of them. After a few minutes the youngest of her children, a girl spoke up. “Mommie can you buy me a Barbie like hers?” She pointed to the little girl at the table across the aisle. “No sweetie, if I buy that for you we won’t have enough money to last the week, I am so sorry baby” the mother replied. The little girl at the other table was listening intently, her face reflecting what was in her heart. She slid out of the booth and stood before the other little girl, her little hand holding out the Barbie. “This is for you” she said with a smile. The other little girl accepted the Barbie and she too smiled. I walked up to the counter and bought one of their Barbies, which I handed to my little girl. Watching this unfold I thought with profound happiness that this little girl was mine. I can say with certainty, that my daughter continued to care and to give where and when she could. Today she is thirty years old and is a kind and giving individual. I feel fortunate to have a daughter like her.

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