Is A Hash Brown A Cell Phone?

By Alfred Branch Judge Makes Ruling In Westport Case A local resident was issued a ticket in Westport last year for using his cell phone while driving. He claimed he was eating a hash brown. WESTPORT, CT — All along, Westport resident Jason Stiber has maintained that he was eating a hash brown, not talking […]

Faith Must Be Shared

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of CHRIST. (📖 Rom. 10:17 📖) Faith comes from hearing the message. You cannot believe in CHRIST until you have had the good news of HIS love explained to you. You also cannot believe unless the HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF has worked […]

Windows 10’s Your Phone App Gets Android Notification Mirroring

by Chris Hoffman Microsoft is updating the Your Phone app in Windows 10. As promised, it’s getting Android notification mirroring so you can see all your smartphone’s notifications on your desktop. This app can also send texts and mirror your phone’s screen. This news comes in a Microsoft blog post about a new Windows Insider […]

Migrant Stabs Christian After Noticing Crucifix Necklace

by CHRIS TOMLINSON A Moroccan illegal migrant was arrested in Rome after a heated argument on religion escalated into violence with the migrant allegedly stabbing an Italian Catholic after noticing his crucifix necklace. The attack took place near Rome’s Termini train station and saw the Moroccan enter into an argument with the victim, a homeless […]