Clever police work. . .

Q. What is the most clever police work you’ve ever seen?

Answered by David Clark, former Police Detective at City of Phoenix, Arizona 

In my mind I thought this was pretty clever. Lol. On patrol one night I pulled behind a church and saw a car parked in the dark, engine running. From past experience, I thought this may be a get away car for an armed robbery or at least a beer run, as a Circle K store was next door.

I approached the car and saw the driver, a teenage boy. I had him get out, and after checking him for weapons, put him in the back of my car.

Then I took the keys and and locked the car up. I then parked in the far dark corner of the lot. The kid in my car was laughing and thought this was going to be hilarious. A few minutes later his two friends came running from the direction of the Circle K each with a 30 pack. They expected to jump into the car, but the doors were locked. They were pulling on the door handles frantically and looking for their friend. We were both laughing and enjoying the show.

I then turned on my overhead lights and drove up on them. They were in so much shock, they didn’t even run. It was great. I returned the beer and had their parents come pick them up.

I would have been a hero if it had been an armed robbery.


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