Did You Know? (Mar 31)

Moths use the light of the Moon and stars for navigation. The moths that gather around your porch light are confused by it and keep changing their flight angle in an attempt to maintain a straight flight path, but end up continually turning towards the light.

Wis Hongersnode Uit

Ek het onlangs gelees van ‘n eksperiment wat die sielkundige, Jonathan Haidt, gedoen het. Hy het met ‘n fassinerende, hipotetiese oefening vorendag gekom, wat iets soos volg was: Deelnemers het ‘n opsomming van ‘n persoon se lewe ontvang en is gevra om dit deur te lees. Deelnemers is toe gevra om hulle te verbeel die […]

Your Words Matter.

Kristen Terrette Gone are the days when my kids considered “stupid” a bad word. I wish I could go back to when they were innocent to cuss words, but the world took that innocence away. Just like it did for me years ago, and as I’m sure it did for you, too. We live in […]

Clever police work. . .

Q. What is the most clever police work you’ve ever seen? Answered by David Clark, former Police Detective at City of Phoenix, Arizona  In my mind I thought this was pretty clever. Lol. On patrol one night I pulled behind a church and saw a car parked in the dark, engine running. From past experience, […]