Every baby deserves a fighting chance



Steve Daines : It’s astounding to me that as a nation we even have to vote to stop born babies from being killed. I urge my colleagues to respect the dignity of life and to vote for this bill.

I Feel Lucky : In my opinion the are alive BEFORE they are born.They have a heart and it beats,they grow like all living things and they try to avoid and escape the sharp instruments of their dea ths writhing and squirming as seen in an abortion ultrasound.

The woman who inspired the movie on abortion that recieved an R rating despite NO gratuitous violence or sex said the ultrasound which is watching is frowned upon even for employees is the reason she left because they obviously felt pain.


3 thoughts on “Every baby deserves a fighting chance

    1. Amen. . .GOD will hold men accountable for their deeds . . . HE will not be thwarted from bringing in the souls he has chosen . . . then, the door of salvation will close.

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