Who was the freakiest teacher you ever had?

answered by Cindy Millet, Teacher

Ms. Davis, our Physical Education teacher, let us know that she would be out for a week due to a family emergency.

Ms. Davis was a young, attractive, teacher that we 4th graders, (9 year olds) adored. The boys seemed to show off for her, while many of the girls wanted to become just like her.

However, her classroom management skills were a bit weak, which resulted in a free for all, with Blake the class bully, having his way with whomever he wanted to target.

Blake never messed with me, nor my best friend Sara because we told him if he ever picked on us, we would beat him up.

Anyway, the next week we all walk into PE class and see a tall, lanky, elderly man standing in Ms. Davis’ gym. He kind of reminded me of Chewbacca from Star Wars.

He blurts out, “I’m Mr. Thomas!” In a heavy, southern accent.

Mind you, southern accents are not common in Orange County, California.

Mr. Thomas proceeded to yell out orders that we couldn’t quite make out.

He would yell, “Getiekdjeley… play dodgeball…jdkdjdkdldsksls…ya’ll throw and…jdkdkdkslsksj…ok ya’ll!”

At first we all stared at him, tilting our heads back and forth, trying to decipher this new language.

Then someone yells out, “He’s telling us to play dodgeball!”

We all scream, “YAY!!!”

Mr. Thomas picks two students to be captains who then take turns choosing people to be on their team.

Dodgeball rules at our school have always been to never deliberately aim at a person above the waist.

Of course Blake proceeded to aim at everyone above the waist until Mr. Thomas noticed.

Mr. Thomas blew his whistle, angrily pointed at Blake, and motioned him to sit out on the sidelines.

We continued to play while Mr. Thomas was giving Blake a talking-to.

For the next two days, Blake was only allowed to watch, and not participate in any activities.

On the third day, Blake was given permission to join in while Mr. Thomas would pull him aside every once in awhile, and sternly speak to him.

Needless to say, Mr. Thomas went from being a freaky teacher to one of our most favorite substitute teachers that year. We learned his language, and he managed to make Blake behave, which was a relief to us all.

Who was the freakiest teacher you ever had?

2 thoughts on “Who was the freakiest teacher you ever had?

  1. I had a science teacher who was into boxing. He’d come to school every week with either a cut or bruises on his face. I remember thinking: I don’t wanna mess with him!

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