When did your child get their first taste of the “real world”?

by Ron Whitaker, Lots of life

My son was pumping gas at a local gas station. All was well until he brought his Christmas report card home with very poor marks and exceptionally poor attendance. He was pumping gas also during the day.

With no anger and a stern voice I held out my hand and said $75 for room and board weekly from now on. You obviously are not attending school and in this house there are no free rides.

I never lectured or fought him on the need for an education nor the need to attend school. That was a fight I was unwilling to take on.

Next September he broached me on how to get rid of the rent money. I said perfect attendance.

The next report card was perfect attendance and the marks shot up dramatically.

Now, this is what annoyed me the most. He was still pumping gas every evening and had excellent marks. Jokingly . . . I was always a poor student and this fellow has almost a photographic memory. Got his brain from his natural mother who left him with me at age 2 years old.

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